Im back and ready to make some Animation.....

Hello All !!!

I have returned from America and bring some photos that were taken on the East Coast, New York, Boston, Atlantic city and the West Coast, LA, Joshua Tree National Park, Route 66, Nevada Desert, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, Nevada Falls and San Francisco.....

 San Francisco, The Lady in this photo created this wall piece in the 80's and has been repairing it and repainting it every year since.

Venice Beach Designated Street Art Area.

Hollywood Walk of fame I have the same shoe size as Frank Sinatra and Clark Gable ^_^

Skull Rock a rock that looks a lot like a skull..

                                                               The Grand Canyon..

                                                 The Magnificent Grand Canyon at Sunrise.

                                                                    Las Vegas

                                                      Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

                      Yosemitee National Park Possibly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

                                               Nevada Falls Yosemitee National Park

                          The first fortune cookie shop & factory in San Francisco Chinatown District.

A fantastic experience at Alcatraz Prison (now a tourist attraction and not used as a prison anymore) San                           Francisco.