Canterbury Animation festival 'Anifest'

A few weekends ago I was a volunteer for the fabulous Canterbury Animation Festival in Kent, it was amazing they had a Coraline production talk and we actually got to meet one of the animators on the film and touch the real Coraline doll that was used in the film all $30,000 dollars worth of it I was speechless ^_^ and the animator and marketing manager were really lovely and answered all of our endless questions !
The other highlight for me was Jim Parkin's model making masterclass it was really enjoyable and we actually got to keep a pair of official Aardman eyes that we used when making our Newplast Plasticine figures.
We also met Frank the Tortoise who was one of the stars of Creature Comforts and he was surprisingly big a lot bigger than I thought he would be.

                                                               Canterbury Catherdral


                                                    My Newplast Rabbit/ Pig creation ^_^

                                                           'Frank' from Creature Comforts

                                Replacement mouths used in Animation with the Coraline doll.

The hunt for the Coraline key, to promote the festival and the film the Canterbury Anifest team hid around 300 metal button Coraline keys a replica of the ones used in the film around the high street and buildings, trees etc, we searched whenever we had some spare time around the town and couldn't find any but another volunteer found one so I have a photo.