A few more molds I have made that are ready to be cast with foam latex..........

Today I have been cleaning off the excess clay and Newplast from the new molds, I have also prepared, whisked, (with my new electric whisk) the foam latex and poured it into the molds so fingers crossed it will bake properly and not collapse when the molds are opened!

The new molds all looking pretty!

 Painting a layer of soap onto the molds, then realized a layer of Vaseline would probably work better!

The Foam Latex Kit....

Using my fancy new 6 speed electric whisk to get as much air into the two part foam latex solutions as possible..

Pouring the foam latex mixture into the molds using some old funnels, this has to be done very quickly indeed after mixing it was then put into the oven!

Scraping the last of the foam latex mixture from the bottom of the tub into the molds...

Here the molds have come out of the oven, after being carefully split open here they are..

The excess foam latex has spilled over and out of the mold, this excess will be cut away from the head shape.

This mold was not a success the plaster had not been mixed properly and thus the foam latex has stuck to particles of the plaster !

I have removed the foam latex heads form the plaster mold and cut away the excess material..

For a first time attempt at foam latex I think this was a small success, the latex does need to be mixed a little longer with the electric whisk when I next make a batch and also to make sure the plaster molds are not too damp warming them up first may be an option.
Now I know what will lead to a successful cast next time ..