Bristol Festival of Puppetry

Last week I was a volunteer at the fantastic Bristol Festival of Puppetry, here is their website link to have a look at; Puppet Place is a great organisation and I had a lot of fun at the shows, the highlights for me were;
Harryhausen meets Aardman : The early work, a fantastic show of the early Harryhausen and Aardman work.

Schicklgruber, Alias Adolf Hitler, A very funny and slightly tense look at Hitler and his motley crew as they are in their final hours of life, underground hiding in their bunker, waiting to be invaded by the surrounding troops.

And of course My film which was showcased in the New talent screening, Yeay ^_^

Not to forget the hilarious Smoking puppet cabaret which was a nightly event at the Tobacco Factory.

(Schicklgruber, alias Adolf Hitler)