The Beautiful Cell..... intro .....

'The Beautiful Cell' is a 4 min 5 seconds stop motion animated beast of a film. My final year film to be exact! this  film took around 10 months to create from concept to a finished masterpiece, everything in this film was created by myself; the puppets were lovingly knitted by hand, all the sets, flowers, trees vines, ground, dirt, comets and outer space :D

The pre production process was very enjoyable and from the start of this production my aim was to create all of the film out of recycled materials, not only to keep costs down but help the environment! and it was very sucessful, all of the sets are made from found board and strips of wood, recycled foam and charity shop paint.

The puppetts are made from different types of knitted wool, also some of this was bought from second hand shops and car boot sales, each part of them was knitted individually and sewn together by myself, this was a lengthy process that took around a month to complete for all 3 puppets. The same method was applied to the comet scene, where three of them shoot from outer space, these were all hand woven together and gold detail sewn onto then after, the same applies for the planet earth this is also woven and green material sewn on after.

This film is my pride and joy, and in the future I hope to create some short stories that absorb the knitted theme!